Beneath the surface

We recently carried out work which involved lowering the area of a raised garden. We always carry out a risk assessment before carrying out any digging, and if possible, we try to obtain a plan of the services in the area where work is to be carried out.

To the best of the occupier’s knowledge they were not aware of any services in the area to be dug out, however we are always cautious when digging near a property. After scraping off the topsoil we discovered a hidden inspection chamber which had been covered by a previous occupier, no damage was caused to the chamber.

The message is always to be very careful and have adequate insurance if you intend to hire a mini digger to do the work yourself, the costs can be very expensive if you cause damage to services. Potential hazards are gas, electric and water supply pipes as well as drainage. BT and cable services can also be easily damaged, sometimes they are just below the service (see below photo). Better to use a company like ourselves who are familiar with these risks.